Nachiket Katti

Hey Ian… Long time… How are things over in Mumbai? Check out my flick stream…

3:02 pm , February 26, 2009

Vinod Krishnan Phoography

excellent pics ian..i still cherish the days i assisted you..thanks for everything that i have learn’t under your guidance…CHEERS

3:00 pm , November 18, 2008

James R Hicks

The “favourites” were my favorite, very nice site…Thanx

2:58 pm , October 29, 2008

A.K.M. Ali Hossain

Thanks to all. Ali hossain (photographer) .

2:54 pm , October 15, 2008



2:57 pm , September 4, 2008

Milind kamat

Very Impressive work. You seem to be a perfectionist and i appreciate the pictures under special effects without the use of Photoshop. Congratulations. keep up the good work. Your biggest admirer and fan. Milind kamat

2:56 pm , April 8, 2008

A.K.M. Ali Hossain

Good morning

2:55 pm , March 23, 2008

Vijayan A.

i had viewed your site it is realay good and super

2:52 pm , December 15, 2007

anand oza

Dear Mr Ian i am a 3rd year bms student and was makink a project on the topic “Changing faces of advertising in India” I assume the book written by your father might be related to the same. i tried to download the version from youe site but was unable to download stating the url […]

12:22 pm , October 9, 2007

Familia Pereira

Greats pisctures….congratulations. If wew are from the same family?? 🙂 Visite our site maybe we can find some roots :)

2:49 pm , August 28, 2006

Louella Mathias

I first saw your work 21 years ago…. you were good. Today, you are superb! Cheers, Louella

2:48 pm , August 22, 2006

Rupen Doshi

Great blend of style and colours. The site highlights what Ian is capable of doing as a photographer. He brings to life inanimate objects and makes unidimensional pictures interactive. A very pleasing experience.

2:46 pm , July 6, 2006
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