Avlimil Great work and keep it up. Nice layout and nice use of colors. Best of Luck!

2:44 pm , March 27, 2006

Santosh Sharma

Dear Sir, Your variety of subject made me write this comment. Excellent work in each category. Just love your work.

2:43 pm , February 28, 2006

Ullas George

Dear Mr.Ian, Very inspiring and motivating pictures.I am a professional industrial photographer based in cochin.Though we can’t specialise in this part due to shortage of work,still I am concentrating and prefering food photography. I dont know how I began to like it,I assume works of professionals like you have inspired us greatly,especially the attention you […]

2:40 pm , December 5, 2005

Linda Sequeira

Great pictures Ian!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work. All the best for the future.

2:38 pm , November 17, 2005

Hemanth Reddy

DAER IAN, PHOTOGRAPHY,”the still eyes” is more inspiring,colourful,expressive,work potraying….everything that makes ur work to be said simply perfect.But perfection has no limit,keep going…. .given a chance i will be a part of ur work just to enjoy the work.waiting to hear from u….

1:27 pm , November 17, 2005


Nice photogarphs. I like the ariel view of Fort Janjira. Keep it up and all the best for the future. bye take care raju

1:26 pm , November 15, 2005

Atul Dube

Hi Ian! Good site (I love the black!)… but I feel I have seen much more of your work and some real good stuff (in my limited knowledge) seems to be missing. Warm wishes… Atul

1:24 pm , November 15, 2005

Avinash Shukla

nice work Ian, i liked those clicks and the portal they are on. keep it up

10:23 am , November 13, 2005

Mani Babbar

Wonderful photographs to add to the pleasing memory of eyes. I am a travel photographer not a proffessional yet but would like to share the passion common to us. It was nice to find your article in the magazine.

1:22 pm , October 8, 2005


Ian, I’d say your photos look very good. Would you like to share it with other here – , ha?

1:08 pm , September 29, 2005

Priyanka Jain

Good work. Like the calenders the best. Can we do an interview with you and Kalra? Cheers Priyanka

1:05 pm , September 18, 2005

Raj Luthra

I could see the world through your Camera’s eye but your imaginative mind. Wonderful Photos. Regards. Raj

1:02 pm , August 29, 2005
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